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It’s been a remarkable week as Team Malik has emerged victorious on the PSA squash tour, clinching two titles in as many weeks on two different continents.

Curtis’s victory in St Louis marked his 8th PSA title, a momentous achievement. “Very happy to take my 8th PSA Title here in St Louis. After a tough US Open, I’m proud of how I bounced back this week,” he commented. His journey wasn’t without its challenges. Facing a daunting 2-0 deficit in the semifinals, he showcased remarkable tenacity to rally back and clinch the match 3-2 in a gruelling 90-minute face-off. However, his triumph didn’t end there. “[I] woke up the next day feeling super good after having a good recovery, so I knew I was set for a good final,” he added. And true to his words, he dominated the final match, securing a decisive 3-0 win.


Not to be outshone, Torrie battled her way to her 7th title in the Couzeix/Limoges Open in France with an equally captivating performance. With her relentless drives and unparalleled accuracy, she had her opponent constantly on the back foot, culminating in her triumphant win.

The Malik’s double victory isn’t just a personal accomplishment but sets a precedent for Perry, Bailey and Heston all of who are starting to make their mark and march up the rankings. Their story is one of dedication, perseverance, and an indomitable spirit that runs in the family.

As Curtis takes a brief 10-day hiatus to reset, he’s already looking ahead to his next challenge, another 12K event in Bordeaux. The squash community will undoubtedly be watching closely, eager to witness more spectacular performances from this sensational squash family.



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